by Folklore

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released 05 June 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Alex Shirzay at the No Fun Club.



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Folklore New York, New York

NYHC from Queens/Bronx

Vocals - Joseph Siniscalchi
Guitars - Vito Oliva
Drums - Peter Cortorreal

Bass recorded by Joseph.

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Track Name: Barrel Aged
What a trap;
this race I'm in.
Move two feet forward,
to get snuffed right back.
Running in circles in a loop on this track,
and I never seem to know what place I'm in.

Filled with disgust for this cycle I lead.
This burning in my gut every time I breath.
It makes me hate.

My thoughts are unhealthy.
My mind is twisted.
I'll inflict my rage when the time has come.
No help in saving me.

I'm Barrel Aged.
Kept locked away.
Dark, Old, and Hardened.
I removed all the waste that weighed down on my head,
and tripped on the stones I discarded.

You can't help me.
I'm sadistic.
I'd inflict my pain on everyone.
I've been waiting for a ride;
I just missed it.
I've found the difference between
being here,
and gone.
Track Name: Stain
If only you saw you, the way that I see you.
See through and weak.
Meek and unstable.
Desperate. Incapable.
But imply that you're wise in the tone of your speech.

Still, you give me
like you're
not the fool

You say you've changed your whole life around
and you're not the same.
But nothing's different.

What a shame,
You'll never find the strength to fucking change.
Track Name: Mook City
Hypocrisy runs rampant in N.Y.C.
Studded jacket, trust punk, vagabonds fill the streets.
Wall street kids are quick to march,
but don't revolt,
they just stink up parks.
City kids complain about their dead end jobs,
but blow their paychecks on shit.

To the infestation
of yuppies from out of town,
who move here for the "Culture",
but are kicking it out.

To the "activists" who want them to pick up and leave,
but sell to these same people
their properties.

The city's wounded.
You're the tumor.
I'm the remover.
Track Name: Count On Me
A waste of space.
Don't count on me.
I accomplish no goals
Whether near or far away.
All the ones I care for
invest their faith in me.
And I disappoint all of them always.

I'm ashamed of me.
I have nothing for an offering.
You can't rely on me for anything.
I approach the things that matter,
like I don't fucking care at all.
so careless handling the things so fragile,
they will shatter
making me feel small.

So undeserving of the person I want to be.
Track Name: Stale Ends
It's hard to describe
what's on the inside,
and look on the upside.
When every time
you view the world outside,
it's on it's lop-side.

But I try not to
flip the spectrum,
and see that I'm the one who needs the lesson,
because I'll be the one caving my own head in.

Maybe that's my downside,
it's all in my mind.
When you're troubled,
problems aren't hard to find.

I'm not sure what I am,
and I'm losing my interest to know.
Maybe the world's just fine,
and I'm the one
who needs to be disposed.